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Some Kidding Aside – Five Things About Purpose that Your Personal Success Coach Might Not Tell You

“Think of purpose as a transitional state or a journey…” 1] There is no such destination called “purpose.” If success is defined as the process of fulfilling your potential, then as you grow, your direction in life will change as your purpose molds to fit your growth. Think of purpose as a transitional state or […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Failure – Your Stern Tutor

The purpose of failure is to make you grow Exercise your imagination with me for a moment. Imagine you’re sitting on a piano bench, practicing your scales on an old upright piano. Beside you sits an old Russian piano master who intently watches your exercises. He holds a small ruler in his hand, and when you […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Deliver Your Best

In Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is lead by the Ghost of Christmas Future to a cemetery and forced to look upon his own gravestone. The inscription had only his name, and yet it was a symbol of terror and despair for Scrooge, the physical manifestation of a life misspent. Suppose for a […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Option X Thinking

Option X: the answer that’s not on the test paper. The answer that isn’t obvious. One of history’s most prominent examples of Option X thinking is found in the legend of the Gordian Knot. The legend goes that an oracle in ancient Phrygia foretold that whoever was able to untie a certain intricate knot tied […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Do You Buy Chairs? – The Power of Belief

In the 1996 movie Phenomenon, John Travolta plays George Malley, a simple, good-hearted car mechanic living in a small town in northern California.  After attending his birthday celebration at a local tavern, George walks outside, looks up at the stars, and is hit with a blinding flash of light. Shortly afterward, George discovers he has […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Jerry Seinfeld Motivational Story

When my wife and I found out that Jerry Seinfeld was going to be performing about 45 minutes away from us in Athens, Georgia, my first thought was, “Why Athens, Georgia?” and my second thought was, “Great! Let’s go!” So, my wife got online and bought a couple of tickets. Shock Alert: They weren’t cheap. […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Tuning Your Vision

Have you ever heard the expression “Out of sight, out of mind”? It means if something leaves your visual range, you’re probably not going to think about it anymore. It’s human nature. We are instinctually and habitually visual creatures. When you think or hear the words “red wagon,” you don’t visualize the letters r-e-d-w-a-g-o-n in […]

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