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But Seriously Folks… Customer Service that Tries Harder

I found the exact computer I wanted online, but I needed to know one thing before I hit the “purchase” button: Did the company also sell the extended-life battery for this model? If they did, then they automatically had an instant, add-on sale.

I called the company and told the person answering the phone that I had a question. The girl taking my call told me she couldn’t answer my question–she could only take my order.

“I understand,” I replied. “You’re not in the customer service department. You’re set up to take orders only, but this is a question about something I’d like to order to go with the computer I want to buy.”

Again she replied with, “I’m sorry sir. We don’t take questions here. You can only place orders here.” I think

it’s important to point out that, at this point in the conversation, I hadn’t even told her what my question was. And it was plain that she had no interest in hearing it.

“Well, is there anyone else there that can answer just one question for me?” I asked. “It’s a real easy one,” I added, hoping that would help. After playing a couple more rounds of it-can’t-be-done with her, she finally transferred me to her supervisor. After talking to the supervisor for half a minute, I could see that the order-taker apple hadn’t fallen far from the supervisor tree. I got pretty much the same attitude and perspective as I had from the first lady I had spoken with.

Can I let you in on a customer service secret? You will never be able to find an answer for your customer if:

1] You don’t believe one exists.

This problem-solving tip not only applies to customer service, but any other area of your life as well. Why on earth would you look for something you don’t believe exists? The answer is:, you won’t.

No, you can’t give your customer everything that he wants every single time, but you can always find a way to help him, providing you believe a solution is possible.

2] You don’t want to find one.

Sometimes people just don’t want to get out of their mental chair and move across the room to look for an answer. I get it. Sometimes we all would rather be lazy, and that’s nothing to be alarmed about. It’s just human nature.

The thing you have to ask yourself, though, is whether you want your life, your work, your service to be defined by the best of what you have to offer, or the worst. Will you give in to laziness, or decide that you want to be a person who is a cut above? We judge ourselves by our intentions, but the world judges us by our actions.

Can I let you in on another secret? No one with superior customer service skills will ever be in need of a job. You know why? Because those folks are just too valuable not to have onboard. Those people attract customers and keep them coming back.

If being successful holds any interest at all for you, then make a habit of finding solutions and helping people get what they want.

© 2019 Charles Marshall. Charles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site  or contact him via e-mail at


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