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What success isn’t

Several years ago, I sat at a table surrounded by teens and young adults as we all stuffed envelopes for one of my direct-mail campaigns. Since nobody seemed to be interacting much, I thought I’d get the ball rolling. “So, what do you guys want to do when you get out of school?” I asked. […]

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When a person chooses poorly, they are, in effect, choosing the bad consequences that come bundled with their decision

Quite often the easiest choice is the decision that is based on an emotional bias, rather than intellectual reasoning. Take a moment and think about all the bad decisions you have made in your life. Think about the wrong turns, the bad relationships, the money mismanaged and misspent. Is it not true that the great […]

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While it might be true that you cannot change those circumstances, you can choose your attitude…

You say if you really had your choice, you would be wealthy, happy, and fulfilled, and yet you are not. Therefore, you reason, you could not possibly have chosen your present situation. Certainly, there are many things that people cannot, and do not, choose. The loss of a loved one, a debilitating disease, a sudden […]

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