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Christmas Morning Customer Service

I love getting packages in the mail or from FedEx or UPS. Tell me you don’t feel the same way. You see the delivery truck pull up to your house and there’s just a touch more excitement in your life, isn’t there? And when the driver steps out of his vehicle with that box and walks over to your neighbor’s house, are you going to sit there and tell me you aren’t even a little bit disappointed?

And knowing what’s in the box doesn’t really abate your enthusiasm, does it? I can order some socks on Amazon and two days later, knowing full well what’s in the box, I still feel excitement when I see the truck pull up.

And what an amazing world that we live in where you can order something and it shows up at your house in two days! I thought of a commercial for Amazon Prime that I would love to see made.

Imagine this: A family is gathered in their living room, dressed in their Christmas pajamas. Andy Williams’ The Most Wonderful Time of the Year plays in the background as they excitedly decorate their Christmas tree and wrap Christmas presents.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and they all leap up and rush to the front door. When they throw open the door, they see a delivery man wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt standing with his arms full of boxes. Beyond the delivery man, summer is in full swing. The grass is green. Flowers are blooming. A neighbor waters his lawn and stares at the Christmas family in disbelief.

The family happily takes the packages from the delivery man and disappears back inside their home.

As the driver walks back to his truck smiling and shaking his head, we hear the voiceover saying, “With Amazon Prime, every day can seem like Christmas.”

Awesome commercial, huh? Now all I have to do is get Amazon to pay me a bazillion bucks for it.

But I love that picture of excitement. I believe that is the goal of customer service–to create that same experience for our customers. When people interact with your business, when they speak to one of your employees, when they get an email from you, they ought to experience just the teeniest thrill, also if you want to learn more about businesses you can use resources like the Hong Kong Company Formation which specialize in creating companies online.

So how are we supposed to do that? Well, that’s the fun part. If you’re in leadership, it’s important to empower your people to act on the impulse of doing good. If they want to carry something to someone’s car for them, to reach out through email or phone to check on somebody, or to offer your clients any form of kindness, by all means, let them do so!

If you’re not in leadership, don’t wait around for someone to tell you to step up. Opportunity belongs to those who take initiative. If you see a way to help your customers or be kind to anyone, do it!

And honestly, can you think of a time in our recent history when kindness has been needed more?

© 2020 Charles Marshall. Charles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site or contact him via e-mail at

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