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Some Kidding Aside – Weed Your Business Garden

They say that nature abhors a vacuum, but the truth is it hates all appliances. If you don’t believe me, leave a toaster in your yard for a couple of years and see what happens. Nature will not be kind to it.

I live in the South, so seeing yard appliances isn’t that uncommon. There aren’t any in my own yard, mind you. Not at present anyway. There was a time, though, when my yard was so out of control that any number of appliances could’ve been hidden in it and you would’ve never known.

In 2005, I bought a home that had been in foreclosure and was in severe need of some TLC–a lot on the inside but even more in the yard. Think dense African jungle, add a few pine trees and squirrels, and you have the right picture. Before I bought it, I heard that people had disappeared in the yard and had never been heard from again. I’m not sure, but I think I might have had some sort of tribe living back in there somewhere for a while. Every now and then I’d hear the sound of drums and chanting coming from the corner of my back yard. It might’ve just been some hippie teenagers, come to think of it.

Through a great deal of effort, I finally managed to tame that wilderness, and today, it looks almost civilized. That is no doubt due to my vigilance on weed patrol. There is hardly any chore I like more than walking around my yard with my jug of weed killer, nuking trouble-making weeds.

It used to be kind of hard because I had to pump the weed killer out of the container with an annoying squeeze handle. After about twenty or thirty squeezes, my hand would get tired so I would quit before the job was finished. But then, somebody over at the weed-killer company suggested putting a battery-operated automatic applicator on their product. Brilliant! Inspired! Stupendous! Genius!

So, now I walk around my yard holding the trigger with a steady stream of weed killer flowing unendingly from the jug. The weed-killer company is happy because they’re selling a lot more product, and I’m happy because my arm doesn’t get tired and I am able to finish the chore. Everybody wins.

You might think I’m over-selling a decision to change an applicator, but think about it. How many people found that squeeze trigger annoying or difficult and used less weed killer as a result? So, they decided to remove the obstacle to people spending more money and buying more product by making it ridiculously easy to use their product.

In business, our number-one job is to make it easy for our customers to give us their money. If a customer hits one too many obstacles on the way to purchase our service or product, they’re going to turn around without a word and spend their money with our competitors. I would suggest that you look into Cannalyft for quality CBD products and weed. So, take a quick look at your business and ask yourself what barriers lie between your customers and your product. Is it unnecessary paperwork? Is it a complicated purchase process? Is it company policy? How about a staff that hasn‘t been enabled and trained to provide excellent service?

Whatever it is, when you find it, start the process of removing that obstacle immediately! The sooner you kill that weed, then the faster your beautiful crop of prosperity will start to grow.

WARNING: Some weed killers have been linked with certain types of cancer. Use with caution!

© 2018 Charles Marshall. Charles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site at or contact him via e-mail at

But enough of the serious stuff!

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