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Some Kidding Aside – Is Belief All It Takes?

For dozens of years modern culture has told us that we can be anything that we want if we just believe hard enough. If you hold on to your Dumbo’s feather, you can fly! If you believe in fairies and clap your hands, Tinker Bell will spring back to life!

But (brace yourself) the real world doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t matter how much I believe that I’m going to join the NBA. It ain’t going to happen. I’m never going to be chosen to replace Chris Hemsworth in the Thor movies. Van Halen will never invite me to join the band as their cowbell player. (Okay, I’m still holding out some hope on that last one.)

Don’t get me wrong; what you believe is important. If you don’t think that you can, then you won’t. But believing something positive without attaching any action to it never works. You must apply the other six of the Seven Powers of Success if you are going to achieve anything.

This is especially true with customer service. You can like the idea of excellent service. You can quote all the tenets of serving others. You can smile and nod when others talk about the value of customer service. But unless you put those principles into action, none of those beliefs matters.

In my newest episode of Charles Chat, I illustrate this point in a short, light-hearted motivational video. I hope it encourages you to think a bit differently and fulfill your potential.

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