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Some Kidding Aside – Five things about purpose that your personal success coach might not tell you

The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate your purpose. Here are a few things about purpose that you don’t normally hear: 1] There is no such destination called “purpose.” If success is defined as the process of fulfilling your potential, then as you grow, your direction in life will change as […]

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Some Kidding Aside – While it might be true that you cannot change those circumstances, you can choose your attitude…

You say if you really had your choice, you would be wealthy, happy, and fulfilled, and yet you are not. Therefore, you reason, you could not possibly have chosen your present situation. Certainly, there are many things that people cannot, and do not, choose. The loss of a loved one, a debilitating disease, a sudden […]

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Some Kidding Aside – The Deception of Someday

Do you believe in “someday”? Are you thinking that someday you’ll be rich, someday you’ll save some money, someday you’ll find the right person, someday you’ll lose weight? Those who believe in “someday” are fairy-tale thinkers who believe that “someday” is when the magic finally arrives. They wait for it like children waiting for Christmas […]

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Some Kidding Aside – There is less separating you from achievement and fulfillment than you think

Comfort robs you of motivation and vitality. Like signing a contract agreeing to be miserable almost every day of your life in return for the illusion of security and comfort. Once you used to dream of conquest and achievement; now you settle for mediocrity. Instead of focusing on living your life to the fullest, you […]

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Some Kidding Aside – Rather than focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is right

By far, most people perform better if they are surrounded by people who believe in them rather than by people who are constantly pointing out their faults. Rather than focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is right. Remember that there is a tremendous difference in believing in a person and believing in a […]

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