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Some Kidding Aside – It’s Time To Shake Up Your Customer Service!

If you made a list of your top priorities at work, how far would customer service be from the top? If I called the people who work with you, would they tell me that you are pretty good at customer service, or would they tell me you are great at it?

Great customer service isn’t about just showing up. It’s not about handing someone a product or service in exchange for a dollar. Let’s be honest. Anybody can do that. Thousands of businesses define mediocrity by doing that, and only that, every day of the week. No, great customer service is about exceeding expectations. It’s about giving your customers a great story to tell their friends.

In my latest episode of Charles Chat, I tell a funny story about Chick-fil-A and offer one suggestion that you can use to shake up your business. Take a look at it and let me hear from you!

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