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Some Kidding Aside – There is nothing commendable about simply journeying through life

Take that first stepThere is nothing commendable about simply journeying through life. One can stand perfectly still on the conveyor belt of life and still travel from one end to the other with no effort or success whatsoever.

Only he is successful who makes marked, specific progress toward the achievement of growth, strength, and stability in the areas of finance, emotion, spirit, body, and mind. There is no one destination called success. There is no one point of arrival, but many steps that lead to more growth, challenge, and victory. If one were to draw a line on a chart representing the journey of any successful person, it would never be a straight line rising from poverty to wealth, from loneliness to relationship, from obscurity to fame. It would always be a series of victories followed by successive failures, resembling more a stairway than a straight incline.

Once again, there is no unalterable state of happiness and wealth where you may arrive and expect to dwell for the rest of your life. Therefore, when you find yourself in a position of poverty or dissatisfaction, do not automatically classify yourself as a failure. It might very well be that you are in one of the many necessary stages of growth on the way to your next victory. Take that first step, and you will find that the rest of the steps come much easier.

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