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Some Kidding Aside – Get a vision, make a plan, take a step

Get a vision, make a plan, take a stepWhat is your vision for your company, career, and relationships for this coming year? Do you have a clear idea of what you want? It’s hard, if not downright impossible, to get to your destination unless you have an idea of where it is.

The difference between a dream and a goal is a written plan. After you identify your vision, you need to figure out what specific steps you should take to get to your desired destination. Not sure? Then the question becomes, what steps do you need to take to find out how to reach your destination? In the age of the Internet and Google, there is just no excuse for not learning how to do whatever it is that you have in mind.

Act on your plan. I can’t tell you the number of genuinely talented people I’ve met over the years that never went anywhere, simply because they were either too comfortable or afraid. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your idea is, if you don’t act, nothing will happen. So, ask yourself what steps you can take to put your plan in action. What is standing in your way? Are you too comfortable at your present level of success? Are you afraid of failing should you make an attempt?

Take a few moments to envision your desires, write down a rough plan, and take one step today toward making your vision a reality.

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