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Some Kidding Aside – The Power of Failure

The Power of FailureThe Power of Failure. The mastery of this power is one of the principle differences between the successful and the mediocre.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like failing. No winner does. But people who are successful in their careers, relationships, and business ventures recognize failure for what it is: A stern tutor who raps your knuckles with a ruler until you learn your lesson and get it right.

The mediocre of this world seek to avoid failure at all costs. They would rather do anything than suffer the heartache, embarrassment, and grief of falling on their face. They point to others’ failure as proof of their wisdom in choosing not to venture.

Take a minute or two to think about these questions and jot down the answers to them:

  • At what project or relationship have you utterly failed?
  • What is your attitude about that failure?
  • Do you condemn yourself for blowing it, or do you congratulate yourself for having the courage to try?
  • What lessons did you learn from your failure that will help keep you from repeating that same mistake in the future?
  • Have you taken steps to implement those lessons?

To not embrace failure as a necessary step in your success journey, is to doom yourself as a slave to mediocrity. I dare you to attempt something today that is decidedly out of your comfort zone. And if you fail in your attempt, learn the lesson, and try it again.

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