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Some Kidding Aside – The Deception of Someday

The Danger of SomedayDo you believe in “someday”? Are you thinking that someday you’ll be rich, someday you’ll save some money, someday you’ll find the right person, someday you’ll lose weight? Those who believe in “someday” are fairy-tale thinkers who believe that “someday” is when the magic finally arrives. They wait for it like children waiting for Christmas morning. They believe “someday” is a magical day, sometime in the future, when happiness will finally be theirs and their dreams will finally come true.

But little do they know that “someday” only comes as an enemy, and never as a friend. Those who believe in the magic of “someday” are always surprised that it doesn’t look anything like they thought it would. Suddenly they’re much older and no farther down the road toward their dreams. They realize far too late that they spent their lives waiting for a “someday” that wasn’t their friend, after all. The danger of waiting for the happiness of “someday” is that it distracts you from seeking happiness in your present situation today. Too many people are willing to endure misery today, because they think “someday” will bring them fulfillment.
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