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Some Kidding Aside – I believe that we are capable of more than we know

We are capable of more than we knowI heard fitness expert Jillian Michaels once say that most people have no idea how much they are capable of because they don’t push themselves.

It’s easy to apply this principle to personal development, but do any of us bother to apply it to our jobs and businesses? How far will you push yourself for the sake of your customer? For the sake of your business? For the sake of your career? For the sake of your dreams? How much are you willing to suffer, sacrifice, or endure to get the job done?

Are you going to give up and settle for less, or are you going to endure the pain and see your task through to the end?

I believe that we are capable of more than we know. But we’ll never realize our potential unless we challenge ourselves to go beyond that which we believe we are capable. In my experience, the businesses and individuals that succeed are the ones that are willing to push themselves and explore their potential. In short, success is not only possible, but I believe probable, if you are willing to work through the pain.

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