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Atlanta humorous motivational speaker

“Atlanta motivational speaker Charles Marshall spoke to my operations team after a long, grueling summer of a heavy workload and the implementation of a new warehouse management software system.   His humor, enthusiasm and keen observations on customer service were just what they needed to catch their collective breath, relax, refocus their priorities and most important of all: LAUGH!”
Porsche Logistics
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Atlanta funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Atlanta Motivational Keynote Speaker

Charles Marshall is proud to have called Atlanta his home for the almost 35 years. As one of the area’s most popular Atlanta humorous motivational speakers, Charles is guaranteed to energize your crowd and keep them laughing. He is one of the most sought after Atlanta funny keynote speakers, because meeting planners appreciate that he is able to involve meeting attendees in his program, demonstrating his comedic talent of spontaneity. Crowds can’t seem to get enough of Charles’ clean, interactive style! Charles offers exactly what the people of Atlanta are looking for—a quality program that informs, entertains, and enlightens!

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“Many thanks to you Charles for your ability to engage a crowd!  You have an innate talent to encourage laughter while, at the same time, conveying such thoughtful messages about life, civility towards others, and making a contribution.  You encouraged us to laugh and we even reached the point of crying while laughing!  You helped to create such a warm and genuinely relaxed atmosphere at our day long retreat.  Faculty are still talking about what a wonderful and uplifting message you left with all of us.  I look forward to when you can be with us again.”
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University
Atlanta, Georgia

“Charles has a style that will wake up a crowd at 7 a.m. and keep the audience engaged with a message and plenty of laughs.”
Associated General Contractors of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia




“Charles exemplifies and defines the expression ‘ALL IN!!’ When he takes the stage, a switch is flipped, and a true master of the audience takes charge. Our group was mesmerized and enthralled to the finish!”
Atlanta Apartment Association
Atlanta, Georgia

“Our group raKeynote speaker in Atlanta Charles Marshallnges from ages 20 to 80+, and Charles kept the whole room laughing during his entire performance. His clean comedy was a huge hit at our dinner!!! We plan to have Charles back in the future!”
Walton EMC
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Humorous Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall

Atlanta Humorous Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall

You might be from Atlanta if:

  1. You only drink Coke or Diet Coke – drinking Pepsi is blasphemy.
  2. You know to wear sneakers to the airport.
  3. The 8:00 AM rush hour is from 6:30 to 10:30 AM. The 5:00 PM rush hour is from 3:00 to 7:30 PM. Friday’s rush hour starts Thursday afternoon, and lasts through 2:00 AM Saturday.
  4. If a single snowflake falls, the city is paralyzed for three days, and it’s on all the channels as a news flash every 15 minutes for a month. All the grocery stores will be sold out of milk, bread, bottled water, toilet paper, and beer.
  5. Construction crews are not doing their jobs properly unless they close down all major streets during rush hour.
  6. You know you’re not allergic to pollen, because if you were – you’d be dead already.
  7. You’ve woken up at 4:30 am on workdays to beat the traffic to work, intending to leave work before 3 pm to compensate.
  8. You know at least five different ways to get to work, none of them ideal.
  9. You’ve been in traffic on 85, 75, 20 or 400 (choose one) – wondering if your fuel, your cell-phone battery and your bladder will make it to the next exit, just 1/2 mile ahead.
  10. The falling of one rain drop causes all drivers to immediately forget all traffic rules.

Charles has performed at:

HARP Attorneys
6100 Lake Forrest Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Mercer University
3001 Mercer University Drive
Atlanta, Georgia  30341
GA Municipal Association
201 Pryor Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia  30348
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