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Teachers Motivational Keynote Speaker

“Charles did a fantastic job! He reached and touched every one of our employees—from people who were in our support organizations to our faculty and to our college president. Outstanding job, Charles!”
TriCounty Technical College
Pendleton, South Carolina

Funny Educational Teacher School Speaker Charles Marshall

Funny Educational Teacher School Speaker Charles Marshall

Funny Keynote Speaker for Teacher

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Charles Marshall is a sought-after education speaker who captivates his audience. Speaking to educational organizations across the country, Charles proudly says “I believe in teachers.” In fact, Charles credits his very existence to teachers. Since his parents met while they were teaching, he can honestly say, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for teachers!”

In The Seven Powers of Success, Charles tells the inspirational story of Mr. Mullins, his junior high band teacher. Mr. Mullis’s investment of time made an immeasurable and unforgettable impact on Charles’s future.

If you are looking for an exciting, engaging, and funny education speaker to inspire your organization, funny school speaker Charles Marshall is your man!

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“Charles Marshall gives you the best balance of humor, motivation and information than any speaker I have ever heard. Our attendees were part of the event as he involved them in his presentation. He does his research to provide information that is timely and pertinent. You will not be disappointed in having him speak to your group”. Thanks for a job well done.
Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators
Little Rock, Arkansas

One of Charles’ most popular programs for teachers is:

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex

How to positively impact the lives of others without wearing a costume

In real life, heroes aren’t rock stars, movie stars, or sports figures. Real-life heroes are people who make a difference by believing in, and investing in, the lives of those around them. In this thoroughly inspiring and uplifting program, Charles publicly honors people in your group for their contributions and recognizes them as examples of what real heroes are. Learn how to engage the Power of Belief to revolutionize your organization!


Participants of the Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex presentation will learn:

Funny Educational Motivational Keynote Speaker Charles Marshall

Funny Educational Motivational Keynote Speaker Charles Marshall

  • What they do matters, especially when they show up with a hero attitude
  • Every hero owns their choices in response to change and challenge
  • Real heroes actively program themselves to become problem solvers
  • Heroes are the first to initiate, engage, and leap into action
  • By investing in other people, they are changing people’s lives

Available in:

  • Keynote and breakout session formats
  • 45, 60 and 90 minute programs







“Charles did just what we wanted him to do – he engaged the audience, made them laugh, and shared practical ideas that related to the Seven Powers of Success. Would highly recommend him at your next conference or event.”
Georgia Board of Regents
Athens, Georgia



“If you want positivity and interaction in a fun and meaningful delivery for your group, Charles is the man for the job. Our teachers remained engaged and involved and left ready to start another school year as real superheroes.”
Alabama Department of Education
Montgomery, Alabama


“Thank you for an absolutely delightful presentation at our annual support staff retreat.  You are a very entertaining motivational speaker and our staff raved about how much they enjoyed you.  In fact, most of our staff stated that this was the best retreat ever!  Your interaction with the staff and the manner in which you presented your message was awesome.  I would definitely recommend you to other organizations. Thank you for your part in making this an event to remembered!”
Western Nebraska Community College
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

“Charles Marshall came to our school right at the time when we needed him the most. He certainly does his homework when it comes to your organization and tailors his talk to fit you like a glove. His uplifting and positive nature was heartfelt and sincere and he truly wants the best for you and your group. He is a true servant leader! Well done Mr. Marshall!”
Alamo City School
Alamo, Tennessee


Charles is available to speak at: public schools, private schools, charter schools, colleges, universities, and more.

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