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Charles Marshall spoke to our group on customer service and he was phenomenal! We were entertained (laughed a lot) and walked away with a new focus on customer service (which was my goal). My staff cannot stop talking about the awesome event. 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Birmingham, Alabama

Customer service funny speaker Charles Marshall

Customer service funny speaker Charles Marshall

Customer Service Speaker

Charles Marshall is one of the most popular customer service speakers working in the country today. Charles travels 100,000 miles each year to perform in over 100 corporate and civic venues from New York to California, Charles’ customer service programs are extremely popular in a competitive corporate market.  His presentations have received rave reviews by organizations such as, Butterball, Shea Homes, Empire District, and Enterprise Bank.

Mary Clingman, Supervisor of Butterball Turkey Line, said, “The entire staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was fun and confirming to hear your thoughts on being the best you can be.  You are an absolute delight!” One of the many reasons that makes funny customer service speaker Charles’ program so popular is that a large quantity of humor is used in his program. So, not only are your employees learning something valuable, but they are laughing too!

Charles Marshall is well-known as the motivational customer service speaker who adds enthusiasm, thought-provoking ideas, and energizing zeal to corporate events!

Yes! Charles also does
virtual presentations!
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Thank you so much for the outstanding talk you gave our leadership team last week. We spent a lot of time looking for that perfect blend of humor, storytelling, motivation, and substance – and you had the whole package! Our group of over 100 managers were leaning forward in their seats listening to you share your wisdom on delivering exceptional customer service by using the help from great companies like Salesforce. I wholeheartedly endorse you to any company looking for a refreshing and professional public speaker! 
Waste Pro USA 

“Charles brought energy, enthusiasm and humor that immediately engaged our staff. Charles has the ability to tell stories that make you laugh and yet deliver a real message of how to take personal responsibility to deliver good customer service. In the words of the bank President, ‘Charles Marshall Hit the mark!’” 
ChoiceOne Bank 
Kent City, Michigan



“Charles presented an interesting and compelling presentation about customer service and the commitment to best in class. It was one of the most inspirational presentations on this topic, I have seen.  Feedback from the audience reflected the same.”
Ansay & Associates
Port Washington, Wisconsin


The SERVE Method

Creating Success with Extraordinary Customer Service
With the practiced eye of a professional humorous speaker, Charles Marshall examines common business blunders and questionable customer-service practices that prevent companies from growing. In an often hilarious but always insightful examination of businesses of all sizes, Charles takes a look at what makes good customer service work, he takes into considerations techniques like the ones used by michael sobota.

Good customer service never happens accidentally. It is imperative to create a corporate culture that is serious about putting the customer first. Delivering the goods and creating brand loyalty is a priority. Dare to dazzle your customers by engaging the “The Wow Factor!”

Available in:

    Keynote and breakout session formats
    1, 2, and 3 hour programs

Recommended for:

• Corporations

• Associations

• Chambers of Commerce

• Small business

Customer Service Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall

Customer Service Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall



“Thank you for your very humorous, informative presentation! The entire staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was fun and confirming to hear your thoughts of being the best you can be.  You are an absolute delight!”
Naperville, Illinois


Assurity Life Insurance

“Thank you for being the highlight of our Customer Service Week activities last week. Many of our associates have commented that your presentation was both entertaining and informative. Your knowledge and passion
about the topic of customer service were a perfect fit for this event.”
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Lincoln, Nebraska


What your customer is thinking but won’t tell you

Almost every weekend I hand my credit card to some rental car company for the privilege of using one of their cars for a day or two. A couple of months ago, I showed up at a rental car location to pick up a car I had reserved.

When I arrived, it turned out that there was a huge disconnect between the car size that I had reserved on their website and the car that the rental location actually had for me. It was important that I get a larger car because I had my family with me, and the only cars that the rental car company had available were smaller models.

By the way, since I’m about to say some bad stuff about this particular company, I don’t feel comfortable mentioning their name, so let’s just say the name of the company was Schmudget Rental Car. There. That’s obscure enough. No one will ever crack my code and figure out who I really mean.

In response to my problem, the customer service rep at this Schmudget Rental Car location opted for the I’m-Just-Working-Here-Until-My-Band-Gets-A-Record-Deal customer service method. It did not inspire great confidence in me.

Two hours after I arrived, I was still at the same location trying to get the right size car, and my patience was wearing thin. When I suggested to Beavis that maybe this matter is important to him since I am the reason he has a job, he made the incredible statement, “the customer doesn’t pay my paycheck. The company does.”

Wow. If you don’t see the complete inanity of this remark, then you might also be occupying the same strange universe as Beavis: a strange world where money mysteriously appears in the company bank account and then is distributed to employees who seem determined to destroy the company from within.

After a great while, I finally got the vehicle I had reserved and I was once again on my way, no thanks to my Rock-N-Roll-Wanna-Be friend.

I couldn’t begin to imagine that the manager of that rental location knew his employees were dispensing this type of:

A] Customer non-service, and

B] Fairy-Tale notions about where money comes from.

So, I called their regional office and related the story to their manager who didn’t sound happy to hear from me.

Handy Customer Service Tip #213:

If, per chance, an unhappy customer complains to you about your company’s product or service, get down on your knees and thank them profusely. Whether you know it or not, they are doing you a huge favor. For every customer who actually speaks up and tells you what he is thinking, there are hundreds who will walk out the door and keep their own counsel.

And I don’t mean to pick on poor Schmudget Rental Car. I’ve rented from them scores of times and have been perfectly satisfied with
the experience.

My point in relating this particular situation is that if a customer is standing in front of you, you must tacitly concede that they are the reason that you have a job. They are the ones that allow you to provide food, shelter, transportation and healthcare for your family. They are the ones that allow you to go on vacation, go out to eat, or do whatever it is that really flips your switch.

In short, the customer is your boss and should be treated with all the deference, respect, and loyalty that is due to the person handing you your paycheck.

In a struggling economy, this one principle might be all that stands between a prosperous business and one that is forced to close up shop.

We had a great day with Charles, and can’t thank him enough! We’ve got great people who have been committed to customer service experience. But Charles got them thinking, laughing, and enthusiastic. Then they reached down inside of themselves and found out there are ways to get even better. Thanks for sharing with us today. 
C&F Bank 
Toano, Virginia

“Charles Marshall recently presented twCHC Foundationo sessions at our HCP Annual Management Conference & Exhibition in Albany, NY. Mr. Marshall’s presentations were humorous, engaging, interactive, and a welcome respite from some of the more serious topics presented during our event. His general session, How Character Impacts Business & Community, was the first presentation of the day, and a big hit with our attendees. His concurrent session, Funny Business—How to Make Sure Your Customer Service Isn’t a Joke, was one of the most popular break-out sessions of the conference.  In both presentations, Mr. Marshall effectively used humor and anecdotes to illustrate key points, and his interactivity with the audience created a learning environment that was dynamic, positive, and fun. I would recommend Charles Marshall to any organization that would like to add humor to their program that gives the audience a lift and provides a meaningful message.
Community Health Care Services Foundation
East Greenbush, New York

Enterprise Bank

“Since our All Employee Meeting, we have heard nothing but rave reviews on his customer service message and comedic attitude. He really ended the meeting with a bang, and we were happy to have him here. We would highly recommend him.”
Enterprise Bank
Lowell, Massachusetts


FL Assoc. of Prof. Process Serv

“Thank you for a great presentation.  Member feedback to me after your seminar was universally positive.  A great mix of fun and education – you delivered the ‘importance of customer service’ message with flair, and folks had a really good time!”
Florida Association of Professional Process Servers
Melbourne, Florida

Charles has presented customer service presentations at:

Shea Homes
8800 N Gainey Center Dr
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Kansas Press Association
5423 SW 7th Street
Topeka, Kansas  66606
Enterprise Bank
222 Merrimack Street
Lowell, Massachusetts 01852


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