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Calendar: Book Humorous Speaker Charles Marshall for your Next Event!

Motivational humorous speaker and clean comedian for your next event!

Where do you go for the best humorous motivational speaker ? Do you even need to ask? Below is an itinerary of Charles’ speaking schedule. All events are subject to change without notice. Call or e-mail our office for event.

Event Information:

  • Charles Marshall: I'm Just Sayin'!

    Charles Marshall rocks the house with his latest foray into hilarity, I’m Just Sayin’! There are no holds barred in this punch-packed presentation, from exploring off-the-beaten-path relationship markets and new-parent talk to wisecracking about The Donald’s hair. Long before the standing ovation, viewers will see why comedian Charles Marshall ranks among the hottest comics performing today.

    Loaded with behind-the-scenes extras, never-done-before alternate endings, and what many consider some of the best improv ever captured on film, I’m Just Sayin’! proves to be the best bang for the comedic buck.


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