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Some Kidding Aside – There is no “happily ever after”, real life always continues and the story never ends

We all get one life and this is it. There is no “happily ever after.” Real life always continues and the story never ends. There never is a place in any life where all struggle stops and happiness is a perpetual state. Sometimes there are seasons of respite from struggle, but those are usually all too brief, and shortly a new trial arises. Those who believe in “someday” define success as some mystical point in time when all problems disappear and they finally have enough. They tell themselves that they don’t want to be rich. Not really. They just want enough. But what they haven’t learned is that “enough” is a relative term and is always changing. It never stays the same, so that what seems enough to you today, will not seem enough tomorrow.

There is always someone else who has a better relationship, job, or lifestyle. “Enough” is an illusion. Even so, there are those who would cling to a “someday” that will never arrive. They pathetically waste their enormous potential by remaining dormant, waiting for a mirage. They sincerely believe that “someday” will come and their lives will be changed. But it does not matter that they are sincere, because they are sincerely wrong. The strength of one’s conviction does not turn a lie into the truth.

Throw away the notion that things will get better and “it will turn out all right” without your doing anything to change the situation or yourself. Shed the belief that good things will happen to you just because you waited for them. “Someday” will only betray and disappoint you.

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