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  • Charles Marshall | Finally - Motivational Speaking isn't boring anymore!

    Finally - Motivational Speaking isn't boring anymore!

Pennsylvania funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall





“The PA-AWWA members really enjoyed Pennsylvania’s keynote speaker Charles Marshall’s humorous and motivational message. We highly recommend Charles for annual conferences, special events and corporate meetings. Charles added lots of humor and everyone enjoyed how he used real-life scenarios to enhance your inspirational presentation.”
Don Hershey, Executive Director
American Water Works Association – Pennsylvania
New Cumberland, PA

Pennsylvania Funny Keynote Speaker

Pennsylvania humorous motivational speaker Charles Marshall

Pennsylvania humorous motivational speaker Charles Marshall

Pennsylvania keynote speaker, Charles Marshall, has been speaking to Pennsylvania audiences since 1991. He was recently hosted in the “Keystone State” as a funny speaker for an engagement with Messick’s Farm Equipment and he has also worked with the Pennsylvania Bankers Association.

Whatever type of program you are planning in the Pennsylvania area, Pennsylvania humorous speaker Charles Marshall is sure to keep your crowd entertained and attentive throughout your entire event. His tried and true methods will ensure that your upcoming event will be your best yet.

Charles has always loves visiting Pennsylvania with its rich heritage and friendly people.  “I am always awed by the amazing beauty and history of this wonderful state,” Mr. Marshall says.

Having Pennsylvania motivational speaker Charles Marshall at your next event is a great way to ensure success!

Inspirational speaker in Pennsylvania Charles Marshall

Inspirational speaker in Pennsylvania Charles Marshall

“Our 2nd Annual All Company Meeting was a fantastic event and your message The Seven Powers of Success met our business goal of providing principles our employees can use in making decisions and taking action for both business and personal life decisions whether making a decision about a customers need or in a relationship. The way you sprinkled humor throughout the event not only entertained us but it helped to drive the message home, laughter is contagious!”
Debra Thomas, Human Resources Manager
Schaedler Yesco
Pittsburgh, PA


PA Workforce Development Association“On behalf of the Board and staff of the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association (PWDA), we would like to thank you for speaking at the recent 30th Annual Employment, Training and Education Conference.  Your remarks were informative, humorous and well received, and your workshop was very engaging.  We got excellent feedback from the attendees that went to your break-out session.”

Linda Blake, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association
Hershey, PA


Keynote speaker in Pennsylvania Charles Marshall

Keynote speaker in Pennsylvania Charles Marshall

Charles has performed at:

Messick’s Farm Equipment
211 S. Donnerville Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Hershey Lodge
325 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Lancaster Convention Center
25 South Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Pennsylvania motivational speaker Charles Marshall

“Thank you so much for kicking off our conference; you were fabulous! I heard so many positive comments. A lot of people came up to me afterwards to say how great the start of our conference was and how much they enjoyed your keynote presentation. There was definitely a feeling of excitement in the air!”
Gregory Hummel, Director of Food Services
Pennsylvania School Nutrition Association
Hershey, PA


Pennsylvania audiences have been encouraged by Mr. Marshall’s positive and informative program. The following is an example of Mr. Marshall’s business principles in one of his motivational columns entitled, “The ‘wow’ factor.”

“The ‘Wow’ Factor.”

When competing for business in a struggling economy in Pennsylvania, “good enough” is not good enough.

My wife and I drove by a new restaurant in our neighborhood a few nights ago. Through the windows, we could see the workers putting the final touches on the interior. Signs on the outside of the building announced the business would be specialize in hot buffalo-style wings.

Immediately my business senses started humming as I analyzed their location, street appeal and product. I wondered what kind of marketing campaign the owners would employ and how aggressive they would be in doing so.

But then I remembered all that means nothing if they don’t possess the “Wow!” Factor. The “Wow!” Factor is that unnamed quality in a product or service that elicits a “Wow!” from the customer the first time they encounter it.

It’s true that the “Wow!” Factor alone won’t ensure success for a business, but it is very difficult, if not impossible, to survive (much less succeed) without it.

Several years ago my wife and I were offered a free dinner at a new steakhouse on opening night. Never ones to pass up a free meal, we attended and were very impressed with the delicious food. In addition to the menu, the customer service was excellent. Since both value and good service are important to us, we were absolutely wowed with our first experience there. So much so that, since that night, we have dined there scores of times and have introduced many of our friends to the restaurant.

How about your business? What are you doing to elicit a “Wow!” from your customers? It’s hard to tell sometimes because the “Wow!” usually happens when you’re not around. Are people talking behind your back? Are they saying the right things? Are they saying, “Wow, that was amazing! We’ll have to do that again!”

How do you produce the “Wow!” Factor in your business? Start by asking yourself what would impress you. After you answer that question (and this is the scary part), poll your trusted friends and customers. You might not like all the answers nor will all of them be on target. But it would behoove you to pay close attention to alternative options that might not have occurred to you.

When thinking about what you have to offer your customers, don’t think in terms of what level of quality or service you can get away with. Think instead of what will produce the “Wow!”

Make it your mission to search for the “Wow!” every day in the faces of your customers. The “ho-hum” expression is your enemy and will drive you out of business. Leave your customers feeling as though they are the ones who have made a valuable discovery and you will not want for business.

© 2013 Charles Marshall. Charles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site at or contact him via e-mail at

Motivational speaker in Pennsylvania

Motivational speaker in Pennsylvania


“Charles, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your motivational presentation at the Pennsylvania Board of Realtors meeting at the Hilton in Harrisburg this past week. As a previous HR professional (my first career), I have planned many events with speakers such as yourself. I found it refreshing how you are able to combine your obvious comedic talent with your business and life experiences to bring a fresh motivational approach. Thanks again for a motivational and fun afternoon.”
Dian Colletti, President Elect
Pennsylvania Association of Realtors
Harrisburg, PA

Charles is based out of Georgia but is available to speak in every single city or town in Pennsylvania including: Allentown, Pennsylvania, Altoona, Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Chester, Pennsylvania, Easton, Pennsylvania, Erie, Pennsylvania, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Murrysville, Pennsylvania, New Castle, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Reading, Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Sharon, Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and York, Pennsylvania.

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