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“Charles Marshall is a great speaker with a powerful message which adapts to the needs of specified audience.  Mr. Marshall has a very energizing personality which keeps his audience tuned in to him.  We had Mr. Marshall for only an hour and could listen to him for much longer he works the crowd very well!  We really recommend him to any group function.”
Carolyn Whitley, Planning Committee
Little Dixie C. A. A. Head Start
Hugo, OK

Funny Head Start Speaker

Community bank humorous motivational speaker Charles Marshall

Head Start humorous motivational speaker Charles Marshall

Head Start speaker Charles Marshall loves investing in people. When he speaks to Head Start and Child Start programs across the country, he taps into their shared passion of making communities stronger. “I love spending time with people who use their talents to improve other’s lives. Head Start and Child Start crowds are filled with individuals who are always open, cooperative, and a lot of fun.”

One of Mr. Marshall’s most popular Head Start programs is Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex. In it, Charles underscores the importance of making a difference in your community through investing in young children and their families.

If you are looking for an uplifting and effective speaker to engage and excite your organization, Head Start and Child Start speaker Charles Marshall is your man!


“Thank you Charles!  My staff really liked your performance and they are still talking about how much they laughed.  It certainly energized them.  You definitely met my expectations by being well prepared and personalizing it for the group.  I personally was very pleased with your performance.”
Mary Love, Assistant Director, Quality Assurance
Child Start Inc.
Wichita, Kansas

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex

How to positively impact the lives of others without wearing a costume

In real life, heroes aren’t rock stars, movie stars, or sports figures. Real-life heroes are people who make a difference by believing in, and investing in, the lives of those around them. In this thoroughly inspiring and uplifting program, Charles publicly honors people in your group for their contributions and recognizes them as examples of what real heroes are. Learn how to engage the Power of Belief to revolutionize your organization!




Head Start funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Head Start funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Charles is available to speak all Head Start and Child Start events.

Funny Head Start Speaker Charles Marshall – Head Start Speaker – Child Start Speaker

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