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Funny motivational speaker in Florida

“Charles was a hit at our quarterly meeting. His motivational nature in addition to a lot of laughter and involvement within our group made our meeting one of the best ever! Thank you Charles for being such a positive part of our event!”
G. Bonnstetter, Marketing Manager
D.R. Horton
Orlando, FL

Florida Funny Keynote Speaker

Florida Humorous Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall

Florida Humorous Motivational Speaker Charles Marshall

Looking for a fun-filled way to energize your program? Charles Marshall has the cure for today’s mediocrity! As a Florida humorous speaker, Charles has brought smiles and belly laughs to thousands across the Sunshine state. In addition to being a funny speaker in Florida, Charles inspires his audiences through his unique perspective to life’s everyday challenges and experiences.

Charles Marshall is a keynote speaker in Florida, uplifting people from all walks of life—from those just beginning in the corporate world to those in upper level management. His humor lifts the spirit and feeds the appetite of hunger for originality in the corporate realm. His presentations at conferences and corporate events have led attendees to promote positive productive environments in their workplaces. Charles’ sense of humor, his outlook on life, and his expertise in today’s business world has made him one of the most sought-after humorous motivational speakers in Florida. His motivational best-sellers, Shattering the Glass Slipper and The Seven Powers of Success are blueprints for achievement, challenging readers to pursue their dreams and goals.

Saint Lucie County Property Appraiser’s Office

“Thank you for coming to Fort Pierce, Florida to speak to our professionals. As you know, it is difficult to please everyone in a group setting… BUT, you seemed to do just that! All of our professionals were thoroughly impressed, entertained, and motivated.  Even today, six days later, they are still talking about it. You were an A+!”
A. Torreson, Event Planner
Saint Lucie County Property Appraiser’s Office
Fort Pierce, FL

Florida motivational speaker Charles Marshall“Charles and his team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The booking process was simple and his ability to work into our schedule as a last-minute program addition was a major relief. With a simple phone interview beforehand, he was able to weave our conference theme into his message, which played very well to our audience. His interactive approach to relaying real-life experiences, and his comedic timing fit right into our plan and energized the overall program. Charles will be on my short-list for future speaking engagements.” 
K. Brune, Director, Event Management and Operations
American Culinary Federation
St. Augustine, FL

Florida Humorous Speaker Charles Marshall

Keynote speaker in Florida Charles Marshall

Keynote speaker in Florida Charles Marshall

“What a tremendously funny performer. A wonderful addition to any meeting and is guaranteed to liven the mood with his humor and insights. The ages ranged from 10 to over 80, yet you had something for every person in the audience. You were funny, kept it clean, and the delivery was fantastic!”
J. S. Angle, Fire Chief
Palm Harbor Special Fire Control and Rescue District
Palm Harbor, FL



Florida humorous motivational speaker Charles Marshall

“The way you took simple, everyday things and made us laugh until we cried was simply amazing. Your way of motivating the group through humor was thoroughly enjoyed and was one of the highlights of our conference. Again thank you for attending and bringing the energy and warmth not always found in today’s speakers. I look forward to seeing you perform again!”
Chief N. J. Ippolito, President
Florida Fire Chief’s Association
Ft. Myers, FL

Training your customers in Florida

Have you ever noticed that so much attention is given to training employees, but so little to training customers?

You are, at this very moment, training your customers. Every time you interact with your customer in your Florida business, you are communicating something about yourself and your business. In every interaction, no matter how small, your customers are logging information about you and answering questions they don’t even know they have. Such questions are always on the table, no matter how long your client has known you or done business with you.

Questions such as: Is he honest? Can I count on her when something goes wrong? Does what he’s saying to get my business hold true after the ink is dry? Is this business reliable?

Recently needing to put gas in my car, I intentionally drove past the gas station closest to my house. I didn’t pass the station because its prices were too high. They seemed to be comparable to others in the area. Nor did I pass it because of the name brand, or because there is another station I prefer or because of the location.

I passed the gas station because I had been trained to do so. For the past several months, when I pulled into the gas station/convenience store, all the pumps wore signs stating they were out of gas. At least a half dozen other times I pulled in only to learn the station was once again out of the product I needed. I finally learned the lesson the proprietors were teaching me: “You cannot count on us.” Now, I don’t even check because I believe the chances are better than even that I will be disappointed and will have wasted my time.

What are you teaching your customers? Take, for example, just one area of your business like your telephone system. What is your customer’s experience with you on the phone? Are you hard to reach? Do your customers get a busy signal when they call you? Are they left on hold? Are they lost in automated-answering purgatory? Is your phone ever answered rudely?

There are just too many of your competitors in Florida lined up behind you waiting for you to blow it. Is it fair that you were judged based on one phone call? No. Do your creditors care whether or not it’s fair? No.

When your customers shake your hand, when they hear your voice on the phone, when they see your Web site, when they inspect your product, what are you teaching them about yourself? The frustrating thing is that they will never check with you to see whether their impression was correct. They will just make a mental note and, if disappointed, keep looking for a business that will give then the answers they want.

Florida keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Florida keynote speaker Charles Marshall

“We especially appreciate that you took the extra time to learn us individually and as a group. This really came across in your presentation. Your message was one that touched our members and encouraged them to believe in themselves, the world, and other people. You let them know just how important it is to keep a positive outlook! The evaluations are beginning to come in and so far they are showing that this is one of the best conferences we have had. This positive feedback is because of you and the part you played in making it such a success!”
J. M. Laster, Executive Director
Florida School Nutrition Association, Inc.
Tallahassee, FL

“From your pre-planning phone call to your wonderful presentation, your attention to detail did not go unnoticed and connected well with our audience. Your presentation was memorable! From “Superman” to the “Ford Taurus” our audience repeated several of your winning moments during the rest of the event. You definitely use humor to bring out the best in people. Our team was very pleased with your presentation and we want you to know that we are all hoping you never lose (all of that) great hair!”
K. Giles, Marketing Manager
Electrical Generating Systems of America
Boca Raton, FL

“Thank you for helping make our Annual Florida Realtors Convention a success! Attendees comments:
‘Great seminar!”
“Enjoyed Charles!”
S. H., Director of Professional Development
Florida Realtors Association
Orlando, FL


“Charles Marshall’s performance at our annual Chamber banquet was outstanding. The motivational content with a comedic spin and the involvement with the crowd was one of the best experiences we’ve had at an event!”
M. Griffin, Executive Director
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
Marianna, FL


“Charles was absolutely fabulous, and people have been talking about how funny and inspirational his session was ever since the event!”
C. Schutt, Quality Assurance Training Manager
St. Lucie Public Schools Child Nutrition Services
Fort Pierce, FL

“Thank you so much for the outstanding talk you gave our leadership team last week. We spent a lot of time looking for that perfect blend of humor, story-telling, motivation, and substance – and you had the whole package! Our group of over 100 managers were leaning forward in their seats listening to you share your wisdom on delivering exceptional Customer Service. I wholeheartedly endorse you to any company looking for a refreshing and professional public speaker!”
T. Herman, Chief Operating Officer
Waste Pro USA
Longwood, FL

“Charles’ performance gives both, an entertaining presentation while driving home a valuable message about customer service. I would recommend Charles to anyone considering a speaker who will capture your audience attention while share a value added message.”
J. Quiett, Director of Creative Services
WRH Realty Services, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

“Charles was a breath of fresh air and put a humorous spin on customer service. Our team walked away understanding the importance of our internal customers. You have to have Charles Marshall at your next Conference, Training, or get together for your company. Our company will be repeat customers!”
D. McKown, President
Wauchula State Bank
Wauchula, FL

Charles has performed at:

The Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village
500 South Legacy Trail
St. Augustine, FL
The Sawgrass Marriott Convention Center
1000 PGA Tour Blvd.
Point Vedra Beach, FL
Orange County Convention Center
9700 International Blvd.
Orlando, FL

Charles is based out of Georgia but is available to speak in: Brandon, Florida, Cape Coral, Florida, Clearwater, Florida, Coral Springs, Florida, Davie, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Gainesville, Florida Hialeah, Florida, Hollywood, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Kendall, Florida, Lakeland, Florida, Miami, Florida, Miami Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Palm Bay, Florida, Pembroke Pines, Florida, Plantation, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida, Port Saint Lucie, Florida, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Sunrise, Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, Tampa, Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida

© 2013 Charles Marshall. Charles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site at or contact him via e-mail at

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