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Some Kidding Aside – Discipline – Invest in Your Success

In the past, I have mentioned the subject of discipline when I talked about learning to play the drums. Anyone who has ever learned to play an instrument or paint or play a sport knows that type of discipline—playing a phrase over and over until you get it right, running a play until it is seamless, practicing a brush stroke until you can do it in your sleep.

I wish every child could have the opportunity of learning to play an instrument or a sport. There is something essential that is built into your character from the practice of making yourself do something over and over again until you have it right. You are learning to master yourself, to make yourself do something you don’t want to do in order to be able to get to where you want to be. It’s no wonder that expert musicians or painters are called masters.

There are the masters in this world who use discipline to move themselves, their organizations, families, and causes forward. And then there are the mastered, those who scorn discipline because it isn’t enjoyable. The mastered avoid the difficult today only to have difficulty returned to them tomorrow with compound interest due.

  “Discipline is the buy-in of your success. If you don’t believe in discipline, you are not invested in creating your own success.”

Which are you, the master or the mastered? Do you see discipline as a ticket to success or a restraint keeping you from doing what you want? As you think about that question, let’s take a moment to define a couple areas of discipline that affect our everyday lives.

The discipline of work — What is your work ethic? What kind of worker would those around you say you are? Do you continue to work when you don’t feel like it, or do you habitually allow yourself to quit when you encounter obstacles like fatigue, injury, or heartache?

The discipline of self-control — Are you someone who seeks immediate gratification, or do you make yourself wait a bit? Do you tell yourself you have to have everything now, or do you wait, in favor of a later reward? When you want something, do you reach for the credit card, or do you set aside money over time to buy it?

Excerpted from The Seven Powers of Success; Unlock Your Strengths, Unleash Your Dreams.  © 2013 Charles MarshallCharles Marshall is a nationally known humorous motivational speaker and author. Visit his Web site at or contact him via e-mail at  

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