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Enterprise Bank

“Since our All Employee Meeting, we have heard nothing but rave reviews on Community Bank  Speaker Charles Marshall’s customer service message and comedic attitude. He really ended the meeting with a bang, and we were happy to have him here. We would highly recommend him.”
Enterprise Bank
Lowell, Massachusetts

Community bank funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Community bank funny keynote speaker Charles Marshall

Funny Bank Keynote Speaker

Community bank funny motivational speaker Charles Marshall has a reputation among banks as one of the best keynote speakers in the banking industry. Charles offers a an energetic and enlightening program that is guaranteed to  energize your crowd. Charles Marshall has a reputation as one of the most humorous bank speakers in the country. He is also known for his customization of each event, preparing his presentation around the needs of each of  his clients.

Charles Marshall  is the bank keynote speaker that you need for your next event! His humor, enthusiasm and motivation are just what your attendees need to relax and refocus their priorities.

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Community Bank Speaker Charles Marshall

“Mr. Marshall was the bank keynote speaker at our 7th Annual Retreat for the bank. I have received nothing but positive feedback about his presentation and he was a big hit with our staff.”
First Bank Richmond
Richmond, Indiana


Keynote Community Bank speaker Charles Marshall

“From the minute I met Charles, I knew he was going to be great. Charles was incredibly funny and connected with our bankers immediately. He brought a very thoughtful message all the while with a down-to-earth sense of humor. I look forward to having him back next year!”
California Bankers Association
Sacramento, California

MidSouth Bank

“Charles Marshall is simply amazing! My team is still talking about how wonderful the presentation was!Charles spends a great deal of time engaging with the audience – and his humor is so contagious.  The Whole audience roared with laughter throughout the presentation – and they did not want it to end! His presentation on The Seven Powers of Success was hit and left everyone wanting more!If you are looking for an entertaining speaker with quick wit, humor and who is also able to deliver a powerful message – then Charles Marshall is the one for you!”
MidSouth Bank
Lafayette, Louisiana

Community bank motivational speaker Charles Marshall

Customer Service You Can Take to the Bank

I first met Andrea at the Buford location of Mega Bank where I have my business checking account. (That’s not their real name, but you already knew that, didn’t you?) Andrea was always friendly and helpful when she worked as an assistant branch manager. I enjoyed seeing her and got to know her by name.

When she got her own branch to manage, though, all of that changed. There was a new sheriff in town and by golly, things were going to be run right. I found that anytime I went to the new location, which, by the way, was much closer to my home than the Buford branch, a teller would find some minute problem with my deposit, handing it back with a smug look on her face as if to say, “Get it right, and then we’ll think about taking your money” Mind you, I had been doing business with their bank for well over ten years. It just didn’t seem to matter.

Here’s the really interesting thing about this story, though. Instead of sweating it out, trying to please the powers that be at that one location, I would just drive to one of their other locations further away and make the deposit there. And get this, EVERY deposit rejected by Andrea’s branch as being incorrect was always accepted by another one of their branches without a problem!

Now, the people who don’t know how money is made or where they get their paycheck will read this story and think that all the rest of the bank locations needed to get their acts together like Andrea’s bank. But customer-service-savvy people will instantly recognize the tremendous blunders Andrea made.

1] She made doing business difficult. For some customers, it might well have made more sense to do business with the competition right across the street.

2] She made doing business unpleasant. You can’t always say “yes” to customers, but you don’t have to make them feel like you enjoy saying “no,” do you?

In my opinion, Andrea couldn’t have done more damage to her bank if she had been a corporate saboteur. For all I know, she might have been. By the way, Andrea is gone now, and guess what? Wonder of wonders, we no longer have a problem making deposits at that branch. What a huge difference one person can make!

The question you have to ask yourself is, on which side of the customer service line do you fall? Are you insuring that people enjoy their time with you, or are you silently sabotaging your team?

© 2012 Charles Marshall. 

Motivational Community Bank speaker Charles Marshall

Motivational Community Bank speaker Charles Marshall

 “The message in Charles’ presentation was the perfect way for us to conclude our Leadership Conference. The Seven Powers of Success delivered in an effective combination of humor and message had a motivating effect as we seek to identify and mentor our future leaders. We all left empowered to be successful.”
Washington Federal
Bellevue, Washington

Thomaston Savings Bank

“Your presentation at our 16th Business Breakfast was a resounding success! I have received phone calls and e-mails from attendees thanking me for the speaker selection, the message delivered and the blend of humor and seriousness was way beyond what I had expected!  I can’t thank you enough for the message of honesty, integrity and high moral values delivered with wonderful true life examples.  You were well received by a conservative New England crowd.  My only problem is where do I go next year?”
Thomaston Savings Bank
Thomaston, Connecticut

 Charles has performed at:

Enterprise Bank
222 Merrimack Street
Lowell, Massachusetts 01852
Colorado East Bank & Trust
100 W Pearl Street
Lamar, Colorado  81052
First Bank of Richmond
20 N 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374

Charles is available to speak at: Community Banks, independent banks, small banks, hometown banks, bank functions, bank annual meetings, bank employee recognition events and more.

Community Bank Funny Speaker Charles Marshall – Bank Keynote Speaker – Banking Speaker

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