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Do not think of success as the realization of a level of material or emotional gain, but as progress

Fairy-tale thinking, its symptoms are fantasizing, irrational expectations, inactivity, and misplaced effort. It always results in frustration, confusion, anger, hopelessness, and ultimately, a wasted life. Fairy-tale thinking is the philosophical belief that someday, without doing anything, something wonderful is going to happen that will allow us to live happily ever after. The first step toward […]

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The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure. The mastery of this power is one of the principle differences between the successful and the mediocre. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like failing. No winner does. But people who are successful in their careers, relationships, and business ventures recognize failure for what it is: A stern tutor who raps […]

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Developing the ability to reason

Developing the ability to reason: The ability to discern truth by an if/then process using only logic. The ability to reason is far and away more valuable than a traditional education alone. A formal education is wonderful to have, but is no guarantee that the student will learn to think and reason for himself. The […]

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