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Where do you go for the best humorous motivational speaker ? Do you even need to ask? Below is an itinerary of Charles’ speaking schedule. All events are subject to change without notice. Call or e-mail our office for event.

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  • Some Kidding Aside - Creative problem solvers always look for Option X

    Creative problem solvers always look for Option XYou can’t expect the first appearance of an idea to be the best. It’s just not practical.
    In addition to producing ideas, you should also develop the discipline of using your creativity to solve problems.

    For example, you are given an option of choosing the answers A, B, C, or D. But consider this — what if the A, B, C, or D answers weren’t the best options? On the tests you were given in school, the answers most likely were the best options, but real life rarely operates in the same manner.

    Creative problem solvers always look for Option X. If the A, B, C, and D options don’t suit them, they look for the invisible option that will. Creative problem solvers firmly believe that: 1] There is ALWAYS another way to do it, and 2] Every problem has a solution. In creative problem solving, it is essential to accept and believe these two postulates, because if you don’t believe in the existence of something, you won’t look for it.


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