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Calendar: Book Humorous Speaker Charles Marshall for your Next Event!

Motivational humorous speaker and clean comedian for your next event!

Where do you go for the best humorous motivational speaker ? Do you even need to ask? Below is an itinerary of Charles’ speaking schedule. All events are subject to change without notice. Call or e-mail our office for event.

Event Information:

  • There is less separating you from achievement and fulfillment than you think

    Comfort robs you of motivation and vitality. Like signing a contract agreeing to be miserable almost every day of your life in return for the illusion of security and comfort.

    Once you used to dream of conquest and achievement; now you settle for mediocrity. Instead of focusing on living your life to the fullest, you have settled for just staying alive. Instead of good, you have accepted good enough. You have sold out and betrayed the best part of yourself. Don’t let comfort manipulate your natural and wholesome desire for ease by turning it into an affection for easy.

    Your life is passing you by at this very moment. You will never get another chance to do something wonderful with your life. You will never have another opportunity to achieve something great. Dare to believe, just for an instant, that you can live the life that you have dreamed. There is less separating you from achievement and fulfillment than you think. Allow yourself no excuses, perform consistently, at a quality level, no matter what.


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